Our competitive advantage is rooted in our ability to create CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS for our clients in private equity, private credit, and real assets


Customized Solutions

We work with our clients in a variety of customized approaches including both comprehensive and specialized advisory engagements each in a strictly advisory manner to limit the potential for conflict.

Within these approaches we provide functional activities in the following areas: primary fund investing, direct fund investing, secondary fund investing and  sales, co-investing, strategic and tactical planning, investment pacing, investment selection, market research, investment monitoring and reporting, and other special projects as determined by the needs of our clients.

We advise institutional investors on their private equity, private credit, and real assets programs through non-discretionary arrangements which are tailored based on each client’s structure and program goals.  For some clients, we are a full-service outsourced provider; for others, we serve as an extension of the client’s investment organization.   We have developed programs for many clients that are new to private equity, and worked with them in a highly collaborative manner to implement those programs.  For clients with existing programs, we provide advice to help optimize their current portfolio and strategic planning to position it for the future.  We offer the full suite of advisory services from program design and policy creation to portfolio construction and investment selection, negotiation and post-transaction risk management.

TorreyCove offers its clients a fully customized approach to services, as each client has unique goals, objectives and risk tolerance as well as an individual structure and staffing levels.  We work collaboratively with our clients to serve as a fully outsourced solution or as an extension of their staff, leveraging our alternative asset expertise as needed.  Each of our client portfolios is unique, and in addition to our core advisory services, we can provide a range of services to optimize client portfolios, such as secondary fund solutions, direct or co-investment programs, small or emerging fund manager programs, geographic or sector-focused programs or myriad of other programs based on our extensive history of covering all aspects of the alternative investment market.  An important part of our services include education, whether on general alternative investing at the board or staff level for those clients that need it, or through focused workshops for those who just want to stay up to date on the latest market development.  Our overall approach is highly client-centric, while leveraging the strength of our research and risk-management processes.

As a natural component of TorreyCove’s customized service offering, we offer our clients co-investment advisory services. This service can help our clients tactically allocate capital on a timely basis to take advantage of market opportunities. In addition, members of TorreyCove’s investment team have extensive direct private equity and co-investment experience, which allows us to react in an efficient and productive manner as co-investment opportunities arise.

TorreyCove offers clients the ability to more actively manage their private equity portfolios through our secondary market services. TorreyCove’s strong position as a primary fund investor allows our clients to benefit from the extensive experience, deep relationships, considerable insight, and proprietary information we uniquely possess that allows us to take advantage of market conditions through the secondary market. As with all of our services, TorreyCove will custom tailor its secondary service offerings for each client. We can provide advisory and discretionary secondary services for our clients on both secondary purchases and sales.